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Ten Walls Has Shared a New Track Via a Lithuanian LGBT Website

"Behind the walls of silence stood emotional, sleepless and creativity"
02 December 2015, 1:20pm

At the end of September, Lithuanian producer Ten Walls issued an apology for a bizarre, homophobic rant he posted on Facebook earlier in the year. In the apology he claimed he planned to "do something in my home country of Lithuania, to support LGBT groups and educate others on acceptance and tolerance." It seems this process has begun with the sharing of a new track, "Shining", on Lithuanian LGBT community website LGL, as reported by Resident Advisor.

The track was accompanied by a post on Facebook in which the producer said: "Behind the walls of silence stood emotional, sleepless and creativity - filled days and nights. Together with Alex we made it and it is yours now. I would especially like to thank Lithuanian LGBT Community LGL for their support all this time. Therefore the premiere of "Shining" will take place in their official website."

LGL have also released a statement on the track, adding: "One of the main principles of our organization is to build bridges rather than barriers. We can become a community free from fears and prejudices only by being open and ready to learn from our mistakes. The National LGBT rights organization LGL applauds the initiative by Ten Walls to premiere his new song 'Shining' at the web platform of the national LGBT organization. We firmly believe that this will become a small step towards creating an open and inclusive environment in the Lithuanian society."

YouTube comments for the track have been disabled.