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Moby's Documentary About His Life In 90s New York Is Here

"Porcelain (Visual Memoir)" is guided tour of the electronic music icon's favorite former haunts.

by Joshua Glazer
21 June 2016, 7:55am

You've probably heard by now that techno icon Moby has written a memoir, Porcelain, about his life back in the New York of the 90s—one that, if you believe the headlines, was full of booze and drugs and random sexual encounters. Which is great and all, but clearly one must do more than drink and snort and screw to become one of the most influential figures in the history of electronic music. Ever since, his name has become synonymous with both the halcyon days of 90s underground rave and one of the biggest club-world cross-over albums in popular music history.

The above short documentary—produced by the man himself, as a visual accompaniment to the book—follows Moby around some of his old NYC spots: his old Gramercy Park apartment building, a former nightclub that is now the site of a luxury construction project. But the substance emerges in the stories he tells about each location, conjuring up memories of drugged-out club kids, accidental headlining sets, and early run-ins with Madonna; he even takes us back to the gloomy Connecticut suburbs he so longed to escape while growing up. Like the book itself, it's an intimate look at the making of an American icon—and a reminder that something really special happened between the years 1989 and 1999 here in New York. Read an excerpt from Porcelain here.