The 'Sick Note' This Pizza Parlour Owner Left After Getting Too Drunk Is Pretty Great

If you get shitfaced on a weeknight, you could make up a phoney excuse and call in sick, or slink into the office and suffer all day. Or, you can do this.

by Wyatt Marshall
19 January 2017, 9:00am

If you get shitfaced on a weeknight, you basically have two imperfect options: Make up a phoney excuse to your boss and call in sick to nurse your hangover, or slink into the office and go through the motions in a zombie state until the end of the day.

But the equation changes when you own and operate your own business.

When one Australian pizza parlour proprietor had a few too many before work last week, he decided to close shop for the evening, posting a sick note to Facebook to explain why the store wouldn't be open. The reason? His horse won big at the stakes.

Blake Pendlebury owns Gaslight Pizza in Eagle Heights, Queensland, and according to NT News, he also owns a share in Irish Constabulary, a horse that won a $250,000 prize at the Magic Millions races on the Gold Coast. Obviously that's something you celebrate, and Pendlebury did so in liquid form. (His share amounted to $10,000.)

But rather than have customers show up to Gaslight only to leave crestfallen and without pizza, Pendlebury did the (maybe?) next best thing and explained the situation.

The note was a hit on Facebook, where people appreciated Pendlebury's blunt honesty and self-deprecating humour.

Pendlebury says he wasn't that smashed, and thought he could have opened up the shop by 3 PM that day, but decided against it.

"I could have probably made it back up but a few people posted saying it was one of the best sick notes they've ever seen," he told the Gold Coast Bulletin.

Presumably, Pendlebury has opened the store back up by now, and in the wake of his viral sick note, business might even be on the rise.

Rarely, if ever, has kicking back too much booze at the races produced such a positive outcome at one's place of business. Pendlebury, you're lucky you know how to write a damn good apology.