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Time-Condensed Surf Video Captures An Entire Swell All At Once

Cy Kuckenbaker's latest in his "San Diego Studies" series turns one rider's lonesome morning into a party.

by Zach Sokol
20 May 2014, 5:00pm

Filmmaker Cy Kuckenbaker is an expert at playing with space and time. Whether he's condensing four hours of planes landing into a 30-second clip of some serious air traffic, or messing with highway traffic and reorganizing the cars by color (which we detailed in a documentary last fall), the artist is a whiz at manipulating the world into a surreal landscape filled with what appears to be clones. His newest clip, the fourth in his San Diego Studies series, turns one surfer's lonesome day in the water into a patterned surfer party. 

"I was interested in exploring the manipulation of water and to see how the movements and patterns from surfing interact," wrote Kuckenbaker on the page of his time-condensed video lapse. Watching non-professional surfers can be a slow and patience-testing process, but the study "reveals just how much can actually happen in an hour in an otherwise nondescript surf spot with non professional riders." 

Watch Kuckenbaker's newest short above, and see how he made it below. Imagine how good this would look on a sunny day, shot via drone

See Cy Kuckenbaker's website for more on his work:


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