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Christie's Made This Skate Vid To Promote An Upcoming Auction

Skaters and art tend to go hand-in-hand, it appears.
08 May 2014, 3:00pm

What better way to advertise a multi-million dollar art auction, featuring work from the world's premier contemporary artists, than...commissioning a skate video? Just go with it:

On May 12, Christie's, the world's largest art auction house, will be debuting If I Live I'll See You Tuesday, an exclusively contemporary art show that features works produced within the last five decades from the likes of Mike Kelly, Andy Warhol, Damien Hirst, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and more. In order to promote the show named after the Richard Prince work of the same name, Christie's teamed up with skater Christopher Martin, acclaimed director Gary Gardner (who snagged that 2011 mega-hit you might recognize from The Good Wife) and produced this video, in which Martin kickflips and wall-rides his way around the action house's vaulted halls and corridors.

This isn't the first time skateboarding has been used in the name of art promotion, but with a production value reminiscent of Spike Jonze's skateboard vids, it just might be the perfect type of high-meets-low synergy to move the projected hundreds of millions in art that the show is purported to be pushing. After all, countless skaters have ollied up from skateparks to white walls as they grew up.

Check out the full video below, and visit Christie's on May 12 to witness the trading floor drama that is today's major art market.


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