Gather Up Your Tenners to Throw Some "Money on the Road"

We're premiering the new afrobeats collab between TG Millian, Naira Marley and Blanco, off Afro B's 'Moves' compilation.

by Noisey Staff
24 March 2017, 12:25pm

If you squint, it could almost be any house party. There are the usual signifiers: people still wearing their puffa jackets indoors, crowded in one room. A couple of women body-rolling absentmindedly in the kitchen, a drink in hand and a song in each of their hearts. But, ah, maybe your average late-night sesh doesn't erupt in flying £20 notes unless one of your friends has just come back from their cash-in-hand cafe job shift feeling like a big man. Enter this new video, for "Money on the Road," that we're premiering below.

Both money and bars fly in visuals for the collaboration between TG Millian, Naira Marley and Blanco, off the massive-sounding Moves afrobeats compilation artist Afro B is putting out. This track appears on the first three-track drop from Moves today (Friday 24 March), and the full 22-track compilation is due out on 19 May, featuring everyone from Belly Squad to Mista Silva, Abra Cadabra and Afro B himself. You can find out more about the full Moves compilation project here, and listen to the first drop here.

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