A Year of Lil Wayne

A Year of Lil Wayne: "You Guessed It"

It's a snowy day in New York, so here's a snow lyric and some cold-as-ice bars about Birdman.

by Kyle Kramer
19 December 2016, 9:15am

Day 89: "You Guessed It" – Sorry 4 The Wait 2, 2015

Today is the first real proper snow in New York City, and to commemorate the occasion, here is a Lil Wayne lyric about snow: "now the snow is just coming in / like I broke a window to an igloo."

Fortunately, I'm bundled up and staying warm, which is good because not only is the weather outside frightful, these bars are so delightful—ly cold as well. Oh my god, Wayne just murders Birdman here, and I think we should all pause and appreciate it, as much of a bummer as that may be. Prior to the igloo line but after the great punchline of "I'm fly like my dreadlocks propellors," Wayne launches into this series of bird-themed insults (get it, like Birdman) and internal rhymes:

I couldn't be junior for ever, I don't mean to ruffle your feathers
But I had to spread my wings, ain't trying to get lemon peppered
Got too many pistols, too many issues, too many mistakes
Too many miscues, only made me better, it turned me into
The man I am today, I'm new and I'm improved
I got my shit right, it's just you and a tissue
Suit yourself because this suit is a rental

Damn, Lil Wayne going for the jugular! The tissue joke and everything. Guess he was not kidding earlier when he said he was tougher than John Wayne and thus would make the legendarily famous icon change his name to John Doe, which is another great line in here. Of course, the point is largely moot because as entertaining as Lil Wayne's bars are here and as much as his vendetta against Birdman seems to have energised him, there's still the unfortunate fact that he basically rips the original song's hook (the original being OG Maco's "U Guessed It"). When people talk about mixtape Wayne falling off, they tend to be talking about this exact tendency: Where once he would find new magic in the cavernous spaces of beats like this, making you rethink those songs entirely, in recent years he has mostly stuck to the given structure of the song and just plugged his own rhymes in. Even when his rhymes are great, the end result tends to lack the inspiration he once exuded so effortlessly.

Anyway, none of this is to divert from the original point, which is that it is snowing, and Lil Wayne once made a good rhyme about the windows of an igloo. Now the fire is slowly dying, and you burnt yourself and was supposed to pass Wayne the torch. Let it snow, let Wayne flow, let it snow.

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