Tel Aviv's Totemo Subtly Slays Again in her Video for "Prime"

The beauty's in the understatement. But wait, is she tied to a stake?

by Noisey Staff
15 November 2016, 9:04am

Ever since we premiered Totemo's video "Hits" in June​, we've been keeping an ear cocked for this Tel Aviv artist. She's the architect for a sound that's both intimate and expansive and "Prime" is another exemplary cut, with strains of Bjork and even Portishead. Below is the premiere of her video for "Prime," a collaboration with highly acclaimed visual effects and video artist Roiy Nitzan​ (he was the visual effects supervisor of Academy Award nominee and Golden Globe winning doc Waltz with Bashir). Now the question is, is that the sound of fire or vinyl crackling or is that rain? Watch below.