Holy Shit

Dead Congregation Is Doing the Devil's Work on New EP, 'Sombre Doom'

Pray for total death.

by Kim Kelly
25 October 2016, 8:37am

Last night, Dead Congregation—one of the world's finest purveyors of truly dark, uncompromising death metal—quietly released a new EP. Sombre Doom will be available for purchase on November 7 via the band's own Martyrdoom Productions​ and Norma Evangelium Diaboli, but for now, all 14 gloriously oppressive minutes are available for streaming via YouTube, of all places. As one might expect, it's fucking great.

The Greek quartet have long stood a head and shoulders above any competition, as proved most recently on 2014's imposing Promulgation of the Fall LP (and, I suppose, that 2005 rehearsal​ they released last year). Dead Congregation are a band rooted in perfectionism; releases manifest when they manifest, and seeing even just an EP like Sombre Doom appear so soon after a full-length is almost unheard-of for them. One fervently hopes that this means a new album is around the corner...

For now, we've been blessed with a quarter hour's worth of death metal perfection. Hail Death, Holy Death!

Dead Congregation is currently on tour in Europe alongside Incarceration; if they're coming anywhere near your town, may I kindly suggest you GET YOUR ASS OVER THERE.

24-10-16 Copenhagen, DENMARK
25-10-16 Wroclaw, POLAND
26-10-16 Nürnberg, GERMANY
27-10-16 Antwerpen, BELGIUM
28-10-16 London, UK
29-10-16 Manchester, UK
30-10-16 Limerick, IRELAND
31-10-16 Bristol, UK
01-11-16 Nantes, FRANCE
02-11-16 Olten, SWITZERLAND
03-11-16 Gottingen, GERMANY
04-11-16 Wolfsburg, GERMANY
05-11-16 Dresden, GERMANY
17-12-16 De Mortem Et Diabolum, Berlin GERMANY
Feb '17 Eastern Europe Tour TBA
04-03-17 NDF Netherlands Deathfest​

Kim Kelly will be listening to nothing but this EP for the rest of the day on Twitter​.

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