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Watch This Supermodel Make Fried Chicken

Who wants to bet she didn't eat it afterwards?

by Bertie Brandes
04 January 2013, 4:30pm

A weekly roundup of anything fashion-related that's made us excited about having bodies that we can dress with clothes.


Fashion East is awarded to six young designers each year (three menswear and three womenswear). This year Lulu Kennedy and her team of fashion royalty have picked my three favourite new designers, so I'm pretty stoked about it. Claire Barrow and Ryan Lo cemented themselves as Fashion East favourites by returning after triumphant SS13 shows last year, alongside relative newbie Happy Ashley (pay attention, she's a keeper). Fashion East is genuinely (with risk of sounding like an American fashion week correspondent) the coolest show during LFW. Previously sponsored designers include Meadham Kirchhoff, Gareth Pugh and JW Anderson, all of whom I would trust with my life (by which I mean my wedding dress).


I was worried when I watched the Burberry show last year and Jourdann Dunn looked like a tiny twig, and then I watched the Victoria's Secret show and they put her in such an awful un-sexy outfit that it struck me if she didn't have an eating disorder already then she probably would after that debacle. But it just goes to show how much of a bitch (realist?) I am, because Jourdann's biting back with her own youtube cooking show called Well Dunn, which is, let's be honest, an amazing name. If you want to feel jealous of a supermodel in a New York loft apartment with her own deep fat fryer, eating delicious chicken, then this is the show for you. Apart from the slightly awkward shouting at the end, there's really not much I can fault about this. Also, she chops her garlic up just like cocaine. Cute.


Oh I'm sorry, it's January and everything sucks and there's nothing to look forward to until easter when we spend a day eating over-sweetened pretend chocolate in the shape of giant eggs and feel bad about not giving anything up for lent. Suck it up, a bit. I just got back from California where everyone is tanned and stretchy, and avocadoes grow on trees in peoples backyards, and now I have to deal with waking up to a grey morning, and it just getting darker and darker. When we're this bummed out, we need to spend any money we might have left after christmas on something that makes everything a little bit better. Penfield know whats up. Their coats are warm, waterproof, and really really cool. Inspired by the (sometimes) great outdoors, the Fall/Winter 2012 collection features new styles such as the Dyersville glacier jacket, and down insulated shirts and vests. Snuggles.

Ben Allnut, who's Head of Design at Penfield and is responsible for all these treasures, describes the textiles used in their FW2012 collection: "As always you can expect fantastic quality from this collection of down jacket and vest. We have worked on some of our best silhouettes and have added a twist of luxury, courtesy of Johnston's. These styles will keep you warm and comfortable but will also make you look great this winter and beyond." There's something about the words "down", "comfortable" and " warm" in a sentence, which immediately make me feel happy. Thankyou Penfield, thankyou for helping me to forget the avocadoes and the sunlight and the stretching.


To welcome in the new year, London based girl magazine The Mushpit have released a video of all their previous centerfolds (and more!) writhing around in showers with kittens and guitars and everything else required to make anyone with eyes and a heart swoon. Based on Babestation, scrolling credits run underneath the film, promising that MAX IS HOT 4 U and only a call away! Do yourself a favour and watch this a lot of times, and then prepare yourself for Mushpit 5 which is out on February 14th. Blush.


Brooke Candy, you know, that chick from the Grimes video who wears a metal catsuit and swings her white girl dreads around like she's just walked off the set of 28 Days Later in Beverly Hills. Except you almost definitely know more about her than that, because if you exist and understand tumblr then you will have seen her photography blog Bloody Guts, which makes LA look way more fun than the inside of an air conditioned car and the sushi counter at Whole Foods. Which seems to be my experience of it every time I go there. Whatever. Brooke Candy has just released her new video "Everybody Does" in which she queens the fuck out. I love you, Brooke. Please come hang out with me?


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Recently in my relative old age, I've been drawn to LK Bennett. I don't know if it's the resurgence of kitten heels on the catwalk, or my newfound love of mules, but LK Bennett are sitting proudly at the epicenter of a few middle-aged bombshells I'm beginning to realise I wouldn't exploding all over me. At least I don't need to be totally embarrassed about it, because fashion editor of Tank and inspo extraudinaire Caroline Issa has designed a capsule collection for LKB, set to launch in early 2013.

Taking elements from Peruvian embroidery, the aesthetic is very Nova Chiu meets Michelle Obama (good thing), and if you couldn't bear to launch yourself full force into neon or pattern trends, this is a nice bite-size, totally fashion conscious way to work it in to your wardrobe. I'm thinking these in black (oh did I not mention that they come in black? Maybe because I don't want you to get them?!) plus a very lady-like skirt, a Dolce Vita-esque ruffley lace top, and hair so voluminous and glossy it would make Cheryl Cole weep.

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