Isn't She Lovely: Olivia Ross

Well, she's currently rehearsing a part in Henry V, so yeah, she sure is.

29 March 2012, 11:00pm

COS t-shirt, vintage bra.

Olivia was born in Paris, studied at a drama school in London, and, if you're into French cinema, you might have already seen her in Father Of My Children or Je l'aimais. At the moment, she is in London rehearsing for Henry V, due to debut at the Globe theater in June. I think I've really wanted to take her photo for about the last two years and finally I did.

These images are part of a project called Coming Back Home, Beniamino Barrese is compiling with other visual artists and dancers from all over the world. 

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COS t-shirt, Gap shorts, vintage bra, Louis Pion watch, vintage belt.

Vintage coat, COS t-shirt, Gap shorts, Boden bag, Louis Pion watch, vintage belt.

Gap shorts, vintage tights and belt.

American Apparel body.