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Nas - "The Don" (Massive Attack Remix)

Trip-hop used to be great, but somehow it ended up standing for smoked-out crusties.

by Noisey Staff
27 June 2012, 4:49pm

I'd kinda forgotten about Massive Attack. I guess it was unfortunate that "trip-hop" became a dirtier term than "happy hard-core" or even "drum'n'bass". It used to be kinda glamorous and dangerous, but somehow it ended up standing for smoked-out crusties. Which is a shame, because Massive Attack are fucking great and their position in pop deserves to be remembered. 

Anyway, they've just dropped an unexpected gem on us, remixing "The Don", which is the latest cut from Nas' much hyped comeback album Life Is Good. And it is great, like, almost seven minutes of greateness in fact. Just great.

Listen to the track over at Noisey.