Seville Is Burning

The Spanish city of Seville can be compared to a post-apocalyptic landscape during the summer months.

by Christian Lagata
15 August 2016, 11:00pm

This article originally appeared on VICE Spain

Thermometers reaching 40 ℃ is not a big deal to Sevillians – it happens every summer. Everyone in Southern Europe knows that when the sun beats down like that, you better lock yourself indoors with the air conditioning on full blast, unless you want to risk a pretty dangerous sun stroke.

And so Seville, like other Spanish cities, has been resembling a post-apocalyptic landscape during daytime this summer – the few remaining souls can be spotted desperately looking for shade or trying to rest under the Guadalquivir river bridges. And then there are the tourists, who brave the sun armed with a selfie stick and the determination to not let the excessive heat spoil their holiday. These heroes deserve our respect.

Christian Lagate walked through Seville throughout July and took these photographs.

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