The Borders Issue


Blaise Cepis's trippy new exclusive series for VICE focuses on visual trickery to create playful photographs.

by Blaise Cepis
24 June 2016, 12:00am

This article appeared in the June issue of VICE magazine. Click HERE to subscribe.

Blaise Cepis's new project, Horseradish, is an evolution of his previous body of work that also dealt with the abstraction of the human form through the pairing of portraits. In that project, aptly titled "All We Have Is Ice Water & Hot Sauce," he pokes fun at the contents of his fridge representing the simplicity of his image-making process. This way of thinking inspired his new exclusive series for VICE where Cepis really focused on the evolution in technique, equipment used, and location (his shitty apartment) which plays a key role in the playful photographs. Instead of contrasting images to make something new, these photographs blend the same imagery within to create visual trickery.

Blaise Cepis is an artist and photographer based in NYC.