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Vice Fashion - Esa Mamacita

Photos by Napoleón HabeicaStyling by Nini Blancq-Cazaux

by Napoleón Habeica; Stylist: Nini Blancq-Cazaux; Hair an
02 June 2008, 12:00am

Mancandy skirt and tank top, La Perla panties, Te Amo shoes

Temores dress and blouse, Miu Miu boots, Mancandy necklace

Maria Peligro swimsuit, Marvin y Quetzal boots

Te Amo t-shirt, Kill City jeans, Paola Hernandez ring

Temores blouse, La Perla panties, Denise Marchebout shoes

Vintage top, Te Amo shorts, American Apparel socks

Denise Marchebout swimsuit, vintage necklace

Marvin y Quetzal dress, Steve Madden shoes