Cowboys in the Netherlands: Photos from the Largest Country Festival in Europe

Photographer Sabine Rovers visited Western Experience.

by Sabine Rovers
18 February 2016, 7:00am

This article originally appeared on VICE Netherlands

If you had to pick one spot in the world that is the polar opposite of the wildness and roughness you probably associate with the Wild West, you'd probably end up in the conference centre Brabanthallen in the Netherlands – normally a place reserved for knitting contests and dog shows.

And yet, this was the place where in the last week of January, thousands of European cowboys and Indians came together for the "largest country and western festival in Europe." Attendees line danced like there was no tomorrow, while if you were looking for shirts, hats, jewellery or boots with a Western theme, you had to look no further. Photographer Sabine Rovers went to Western Experience and took these pictures.

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