Berlin's space station

In Berlin’s underground there are ruins of a 4.5-million-year-old space station that uses the local TV tower as a transmitter.

Vice: Hello, can you please explain what C-base is?
Hein-C: C-base is a space station. When you take a look at our logo you see that the televions tower is not what everybody else thinks it is. It is the center of our space station and functions as our transmitter. It wasn't built in the 60s. It was exposed by agents who thought they were construction workers due to a post-zygote blocking they had. The transmitter came to light because after WWII so much scrap metal came to Berlin that self-destruction set on. That included parts of our communication system. Certain parts of the actuation cause the ball on top of the transmitter to have two different energetic fields and these have a bigger influence than the station itself. That makes it possible to leave the space-time continuum and do intercellular traveling.

Wow, that was a lot of stuff ... I thought, space stations belong into outer space?
C-base came in the earth's orbit about 4.5 million years ago and crashed 250,000 years ago.

How old are you then?
Some of the colonists froze during the crash. They sent their genes to another planet and right now we are working on extrapolation to find out what's up with our expectancy of life and with cryogenics.

Are you trying to tell me that you might be 250,000 years old?
We try to assume that when the space station crashed, someone forgot to deactivate the molecular memory module. That means that we left the space-time continuum and the parts that became loose need to get fixed to fulfill the historic duties. When the crash was imminent they initalized self-destruction to stop another contact with time history but somehow they didn't manage to do it.

Are there more space stations like this all over the world?
We discuss this a lot in the circle. There are people who believe in the "multiple crash theory." Different groups all over the world organize themselves like we do and that supports this theory. Berlin isn't the only center but it is the oldest. Vienna, LA, Brazil, Italy, Spain, and Czech Republic will follow.

Do you have a leader, head, or oldest member?
No, we are the only survivors of the crash and there's the Symbiont. He resides in the men's bathroom.

What's the Symbiont?
It is an intelligent form of life that looks like a fungus. It is present in our sewage system and provides heat and energy. 

So the Symbiont is kind of your heart, right?

No, that is C-beam. C-beam is an artificial intelligence who cooperates with us to manage the human communication.

Can I find C-beam in the girl's bathroom then?
You can find C-beam in the World Wide Web. We don't have a direct contact. Just from time to time.

How do you get in touch?
I hear voices.

What do they tell you?
Clean up, clean the bathrooms. Work behind the bar.

Those are pretty human problems. Where do you see the future of C-base?
We will reconstruct all the different parts of our space station, destroy downtown Berlin and take off.

What is your destination? The moon?
No, we'll send a robot to the moon pretty soon.

This is member "T". He is a software engineer. When he is not working on his revolutionary audio-communication project for the internet, he likes to give girls like me a private lesson in everthing that has to do with technology. He likes to design and build space ships. If you ask him he will tell you that this involves all different kinds of aspects of human life such as culture, technology, economy and philosophy. He knows/can do/ will do/ everything and nothing.

Right: C-base is prepared for the day, when aliens from different galaxies want to reconquer the world. Left: a scanner for your hand in the entrance lock. All visitors' data are collected there.

Left: This is memeber "CVEN" (Chaordic Venue Event Nexus). He is a community activist and takes care that nothing gets out of order. On his forehead you see a V-shaped scar, which indicates that he is the chosen one. Right: The C-base logo, which you will not understand, even if you try really hard for the next one hundred years.

After a career as a sociologist professor, "RubbelDieC@tz" concluded that social studies are boring and became a software engineer. He develops software because he can make way more money with it. His latest baby is called relaxxplayer.

C-base is well-known as a hacker space but hacking obviously doesn't always mean that people are Black Hat-hackers working for the Russian Mob in some basement in Moscow. Here you see a good example for White Hat-hacking: the TV-be-gone-card. You can switch off all the TVs in a certain area with it.

This is an unkown alien with some eczema on his arm and the data-saving-sensor "Siri," which was found 1996.

(photos by Christoph Voy)