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This Video of People Dancing in the Street to Vengaboys is Full of Hope

Maybe Eurodance will save us all.
07 June 2017, 9:00am
Photo of Vengaboys courtesy of the artist.

The impulse to blast saccharine Europop from your car, scream at strangers, and stream it all on Facebook live is a very specific one. It doesn't come that often, but when it does, sometimes you've just got to seize the day. Or, seize the Cheltenham, UK night in the early hours of Sunday morning, perhaps after a few pints—however fate would have it, really.

One Gloucester man was moved to do just that this past weekend, and he ended up starting an impromptu party in the middle of the street. His video of a coterie of total strangers collectively losing it to Vengaboys' undeniable 1999 single "Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom!!" has since gone viral, and the world's probably just a little bit better for it.

The video has already gotten the Dutch quartet's seal of approval.

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