Photos of Small Children Handling Large Rifles
Todas as fotos por Jan Rogalo

Photos of Small Children Handling Large Rifles

Jan Rogalo headed to the Polish city of Gdańsk to document an event advertised as "Children's Day With A Bang".
14 June 2017, 10:50am

This article originally appeared on VICE Poland

Last Sunday, the Polish Institute for National Remembrance hosted an event that taught young children how to use military style weapons, in an attempt to strengthen the kids' "social and patriotic values". The event, held in Gdansk – a city on the Baltic coast – was advertised as "Children's Day With A Bang".

Not surprisingly, the idea of giving primary school children semi-automatic weapons sparked some controversy in Polish media – but not enough for the event to be canceled. Photographer Jan Rogalo headed to Gdańsk to witness the Children's Day With A Bang for himself.

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