Creepy Silicone Body Parts Make Perfect Tattoo Canvases

Fareed Kaviani creates silicone heads and hands, then invites tattoo artists to experiment on them.

29 March 2017, 11:15pm

This article originally appeared on VICE Australia. 

It's not unusual for a Melbourne writer to have a few tattoos, but Fareed Kaviani's interest in getting inked extends further than most. He's a regular contributor to tattoo culture magazine Things & Ink, and the founder of Thing Gallery—which exhibits ornate tattoo art on highly realistic silicone heads and hands. Kaviani makes the creepily realistic body parts himself, inviting some of the world's most renowned needle-wielding artists to decorate them.

"It's interesting to look at tattoos that've been created with no client consultation whatsoever, and on a foreign yet lifelike medium," he explains to Creators. "For those who believe tattoos are mere representations of representations, well, here's another layer of representation for you—a hyperreal, lifeless simulacrum of tattoo."

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