Start Your Week With an Exclusive Mix from Ghettotech Godfather DJ Assault

Mr. Belle Isle Tech's slammed together 28 scintillating cuts of raw and rude club action for us ahead of a show in London later this week.

by Josh Baines
27 March 2017, 9:45am

There's a song by the wistful, dreamy, bucolic indie group the Sundays called "My Finest Hour" in which the singer Harriet Wheeler claims that her finest hour was when she found a pound on the underground. Every time I hear that song, which is quite often as the album it's from, Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic, is my go-to early spring LP, I wonder what my finest hour would be. Was it having a piss next to Steve Lamacq at a Colchester United match? Was it helping Jarvis Cocker with a faulty Oyster card top-up machine only to bump into him again the next day? No, it was neither of these. My finest hour was in fact the time I found a pristine copy of DJ Assault's seminal Belle Isle Tech LP for £2.

For the uninitiated, DJ Assault is one of the godfathers of the Ghettotech movement—that lewd, crude, and absurdly rude take on broken-dicked bedroom-made house that pushed the BPMs up and the audio fidelity down. Sitting somewhere between electro's synthetic sheen and the rough-hewn edge of positively-pornographic funk, ghettotech was and is primarily concerned with fucking. Which might explain why Assault's best known material includes the likes of "Dick by the Pound," "Givemethepussybaby," and the world-famous "Ass N Titties."

This Friday sees the big dog himself descend upon Dalston for what's sure to be a riotous night down in the basement of Birthdays, thanks to party purveyors We Buy Gold, who've paired him up with DJ Sagepay, Juan87, and These Evil Streets for the sweatiest evening out this side of a Saharan sauna with Michael Portillo. To celebrate Assault's return to British shores, he has very kindly put together a mix for us here on THUMP, which we're absurdly proud to be bringing you today.

If you can think of a better way to start the week than with an immaculately blended selection of 28 Assault productions then you've probably got a better life than us. Sad!


1. U N My Car
2. Phat Booty
3. Livin' The (Good Life)
4. Let Me C U Pop
5. Take Dem Drawls Off
6. Don't Blame Me
7. Yo Relatives
8. Take It In The Face
9. Club 303
10. Mo' Gutt Than Butt (Dub)
11. Traxin' 4 Beats
12. Play It Again
13. 66Th Book
14. If U Freaky (And U Know It)
15. Bangin' The Beat
16. Rise Below It All
17. Play Wit My Drums
18. Bras-N-Panties
19. Put Yo Wiegh On It
20. Stop It, Quit It, Cut It Out
21. Acid Booty
22. Dreams Chaser (Dub)
23. Gay Guy
24. No Tattoo
25. Raccoon
26. I Don't Care
27. I Think Of U
28. Trax Dat

Head over here for all the info you need about what's sure to be the one of the most raucous nights out of the year.

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