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3D Projection Mapping With Your Favorite Nintendo Games

Visuatari, from new visual design company Iluzion, brings a new dimension to classic video games.

by Erica Gonsales
21 May 2012, 8:33pm

Yes, we’re talking about projection mapping again. But these new experiments from Tonner Vi are different. Instead of taking over buildings and large architectural structures, the Colombian artist prefers to work small scale and transform ordinary objects, such as egg crates and Styrofoam.

Lately, Tonner’s been busy with a new project: an audiovisual company called Iluzion, which he created with his friend and partner Veoseven. The project is really recent – the official website is still under construction – but the duo focuses on 3D projections and mapping.

Iluzion's first official artwork is this 3D video mapping piece called Visuatari, an installation created for Escaparte, a gathering of artists who specialize in art and technology that took place in Bogotá in April. "Visuatari took only one week to be complete, from the initial idea to it’s execution. We wanted to contrast 3D video mapping's high technology with the visuals of old classic games, like Atari," Tonner explains.

The projection surface is just a simple white table with a Nintendo console positioned in the middle of it. Vintage video games like Super Mario, Pac Man, and Duck Hunt transform the surface into a 3D game world, creating the illusion that the games are literally spilling out of the game cartridge and into our physical world. The next step is clearly to turn the installation into an interactive piece. "We're working on it," the artists say.