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Matthias Tanzmann Revisits and Reworks His 2008 Cut "Keep On"

The prolific producer is looking backwards and moving forwards for his label's 75th release.
24 February 2015, 4:40pm

Matthias Tanzmann is dedicated to the cause. Famed not only for his production, his residency in Ibiza and his copious mixes for every series under the sun, he's also the founder of the versatile and reliable Moon Harbour label. Established in 2000 the label has enjoyed enormous success through releasing material from the likes of Audiojack and Martin Eyerer as well as Tanzmann's own tunes.

Fast approaching the 75th release, and like a proud father, Tanzmann is getting nostalgic and making this landmark drop special by reworking some older tracks. As he told us, "The 75th release seemed to be the perfect occasion for that. It allows you to look back at the label history and deliver something fresh at the same time." The first of these re-imaginings, "Keep On", is premiering exclusively with THUMP.

"Keep On was originally released on my album Restless in 2008. I recently played it again and had a feeling it could be tweaked a little bit to make it more effective on the dance floor. So I gave it a little update by adding a new bass line and some more driving drums." The driving drums and other tweaks have resulted in a blinding rework that manages to maintain the sultry components of the original, whilst amping up it's potential as a floor filler. Based on the size of the new beat, we can expect to hear this reworked version throughout Tanzmann's sets this summer.

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