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Here's Your Chance to Ask Action Bronson Anything You Want

What are you wondering about Mr. Wonderful? Submit your queries to our podcast and he'll answer them on the air.

by Munchies Staff
22 August 2017, 8:25am

We're interviewing Action Bronson tomorrow for the MUNCHIES podcast, and we want your help. Tell us everything you want us to ask Action on the eve of (or a few eves before) the release of his new album Blue Chips 7000.

And it's not just the album that's coming out right now. He also has his first book, F*ck, That's Delicious: An Annotated Guide to Eating Well, coming out in a couple of weeks (and available for pre-order now). So everything's coming up Action.

Now, he's here to answer any and all of your queries. Want to know what to eat with white truffles? What the best part of writing a cookbook was? Whether you should make a turducken for your holiday party? Whether you can use basil leaves to wrap a blunt? Action can help.

Just send your questions to, and we'll pick a handful to ask Action when he joins us on our podcast tomorrow.

What have you been wondering about Mr. Wonderful?

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