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Leicester Captain Wes Morgan Signs Captain Morgan Contract That Gives Him Power to Buy Limitless Rounds

There are some fairly weird sub-clauses to the contract but, then again, the idea of getting a free rum and coke off Wes Morgan is pretty strange in the first place.

by Liam Daniel Pierce
19 December 2016, 10:25am

Leicester captain Wes Morgan just inked a bizarre new deal. No, don't worry – Morgan hasn't earned himself a transfer to the Chinese Super League. He just signed a contract with Captain Morgan which allows him to go into any bar and buy everyone a free round of rum and coke – all he needs to do is shout "There's only one Captain Morgan!" beforehand and hold his arms up in a "Y" shape. Quite weird but, then again, free rum and coke for everyone!

Yes, we're aware that writing about this is a free plug for Captain Morgan, but credit where credit's due: this is an awesome setup. Another great clause in the contract is that Wes must dress up in a Captain Morgan costume at various events. The pen in the photo is covering a bit of that clause, but it seems pretty clear that he is going to get outfitted with some Prince-blouse swashbuckling gear at some point. This bodes well for everything. The end is nigh for 2016, and everything is about to get better again, with the New Year ushered in by a 32-year-old centre-back from Nottingham dressed up as a rum-swilling, yo-ho-hoing pirate.