TeamLab's 'Crystal Universe' Looks Even Better in Person

Check out new footage of teamLab’s immersive LED hall of mirrors.

by Nathaniel Ainley
07 August 2016, 12:15pm

Screencaps via

A sculptural light show takes its form through a series of delineated points carefully mapped out on dangling strips of LEDs in teamLab's hypnotizing installation, Crystal Universe. Although the installation has been up for roughly a year now, new footage released this week demonstrates just how mesmerizing the installation really is. The arrangement of lights works to create a single cohesive magic. TeamLab themselves liken it to a pointillist painting where an innumerable amount of individual dots are organized to create a whole composition.

According to the artists, Crystal Universe was designed to emulate the image of a galaxy, an area where an overwhelming cluster of stars comes together in orbit around an even bigger star. In our galaxy, that star is the sun. But in the case of the Crystal Universe, it's you.

The installation is fully interactive, manipulated digitally and in real time based on the movements of the viewer. The space is therefore constantly changing. Viewers can also engage the piece using their smartphones, which allow them to target specific components of the installation they want to manipulate. Even though the installation is controlled by the viewer, however, the artists say each decision has an impact on other elements of the piece. The sculpture reacts to the changes on its own, creating a ripple effect for every new adjustment. See Crystal Universe in action below:

Wander through the Crystal Universe from teamLab on Vimeo.

Head over to teamLab’s website to check out more work by the collective.


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