Carrots, Coke and Kinder Eggs: Today's Weird Drug Smuggling News

Police have found cocaine in Kinder Eggs and weed in carrots.

by Tom Usher
14 January 2016, 3:06pm

No cocaine in this Kinder Surprise. Photo via Flickr user Ryo.

In a discovery that could potentially revolutionise the Kinder Surprise toy game, police have found what they believe to be cocaine stuffed inside Kinder eggs at a London pub.

The eggs were found in bins and on people who, the Evening Standard reports, were "acting suspiciously" as they were walking towards Jono's Pub in Kingsbury. Police say this isn't the first time class A Kinder eggs had been found on customers in the pub, which was subject to half a dozen police call-outs in the last year, for incidents including burglary, theft and violent brawls. Police said the pub turned a "blind eye" to illegal activity and its licence is now under review.

Photo: US Customs and Border Protection

In other drug smuggling news, more than a ton of marijuana was caught by American border patrol on Sunday, as drug smugglers attempted to stuff weed into 3,000 massive fake carrots, which they then tried to hide among real vegetables on a truck crossing the US-Mexico border.

Texas police say they found 2,493 pounds of skunk, with a street value of over $449,000 (£312,500), after an imaging system flagged the truck as it crossed the Pharr-Reynosa Bridge along the Texas-Mexico border near the Gulf of Mexico.

Port Director Efrain Solis Jr said: "Once again, drug smuggling organisations have demonstrated their creativity in attempting to smuggle large quantities of narcotics across the US/Mexico border".

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