Bugged Out Made Us a Mix

Their festival starts today and we have a stage there.

The Bugged Out Weekender starts today, which is great news for anyone with tickets and shitty news for anyone without, because the lineup this year is amazing, it's snowing and the novelty of swimming while it's snowing and there's great music playing should never be lost on you. Unless you misplaced your soul during an office team-building exercise. In which case, weekend-long dance festivals probably aren't your bag anyway.   

Noisey have a stage – featuring Annie Mac, Ben UFO, Brodinski & Gesaffelstein, Disclosure and Fake Blood – at the festival, so to celebrate that and get anyone going extra hyped up (or for you to vicariously enjoy the festival while you're dying inside a little as the work clock ticks by), Bugged Out selected a load of songs they thought we'd like and got Matt Walsh to mix it. Now it's here and you can listen to it. Enjoy. 

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