Have You Ever Seen Margate Look So Damn Sexy?

Ok – some of Crystal Bats "Killing Me" video is also shot in Cannes. But still: British seaside town, 80s synths, porn hair, cigarettes! Come on in.

by Noisey UK Staff
08 August 2017, 10:38am

It almost seemed like the washed out, VHS era of music videos had (gladly) come to an end. As soon as the art students piled in with their Poundland cameras, filming their socks and concrete walls it was game over. The world moved on and directors turned their attention to drones and Go-Pros.

Such is the cyclical nature of life, however, the time is ripe for an Actually Good film video to be released. And even if hadn't been so, the latest visual for Crystal Bats' "Killing Me" would still steamroll straight into first place by virtue of being the smoothest thang this side of Ray Winston necking a Strawberry Daquiri and inhaling a twenty-deck of fags off the pure shores of Marbella.

Look on, as you see the following things: hotel rooms, the shimmering golden coast, mirrors, waves, overlayed visuals, suits and sunglasses, conditioned to hell haircuts, synths – people playing synths in water! – dresses, leopard print accessories, the reflection of the sun in water. All of which seems like a dumb list we've put together but in practice resembles a work of art.

Then there is the song, "Killing Me" all full of lust and loss, heartbreak and adventure (and featuring Whinnie Williams, who guides the whole show). Just take a look below already...

Spotify link here. Video is directed by Tom Dream.

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