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This Goat Cheese Salad Is Drizzled with Melted Butter

Goat cheese salad? Not that interesting. Goat cheese, courgette curls, and tender lettuce leaves doused in a buttery dressing? Now you’re talking.

by Munchies Staff
06 July 2017, 9:09am

Photo by Liz Seabrook.

Butter makes everything better. You don't need us to tell you that. But something you might not have considered before is adding butter to salad. Yeah, that's right. Taking those delicately scattered alfalfa sprouts and fragrant rocket leaves and dousing them with delicious, delicious butter.

Of course, this isn't the most original idea in the world—butter vinaigrettes have been around for awhile and any French chef can tell you that butter makes vegetables better to the power of approximately 1 billion. But culinary anthropologist and cook Anna Colquhoun's butter lettuce, courgette, and goat cheese salad takes the butter-as-a-dressing concept to new heights.

RECIPE: Butter Lettuce, Courgette, and Goat Cheese Salad

As well as using butter lettuce (a variety of the salad green that has mild, sweet leaves), Anna's recipe calls for 50 grams of actual melted butter. Some of it you use to gently soften the ribbons of courgette that form the base of the salad, but the rest gets melted and drizzled all over those courgette curls, along with olive oil-smothered lettuce leaves and little clouds of goat curd.

And all at once, a pretty pedestrian veggie main course is transformed into a textural delight of crunchy greens, tangy cheese, and damn creamy dressing.

Butter, we owe you one.