Cadbury Admits to Stockpiling Ingredients in Case of Brexit Shortages

And you thought it couldn’t get any worse.

by Ruby Lott-Lavigna
11 September 2018, 2:13pm

Photo via Flickr user Vlad the Impala

If there were ever any question over whether Brexit was going to be a monumental shit sandwich, we finally have the answer. This clarity isn’t thanks to the news that we’re probably going to have to survive on turnips and potatoes following Britain's exit from the EU, nor even the crushing realisation that all our future summer holidays will be spent in Skegness.

Nope, the real clincher is that Cadbury has admitted it might run out of chocolate bar ingredients following a hard Brexit.

Wave goodbye to the joy of a good Crunchie, Flake, or Dairy Milk in post-apocalyptic Brexit Britain, where every standard-issue Government water bottle is emblazoned with “Keep Calm and Carry On” and we’ve forgotten what garlic tastes like. Cadbury is now stockpiling ingredients. Cadbury.

According to the Guardian, Mondelēz International, the company that owns Cadbury, says that the UK cannot supply the ingredients needed for its food products, describing the country as “not self-sufficient.”

“Like the whole of the food and drink industry in the UK, we would prefer a good deal that allows the free flow of products, as that would have less of an impact to the UK consumer,” Hubert Weber, the president of Mondelēz International, told The Times.

“However, we are also preparing for a hard Brexit and, from a buffering perspective for Mondelēz, we are stocking higher levels of ingredients and finished products, although you can only do so much because of the shelf life of our products,” he continued.

Excuse us while we go scream into a pillow.