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Obongjayar's "Frens" Session is Pure Loving Energy

This is how to play a song live!

by Ryan Bassil
29 March 2019, 12:04pm

Obongjayar, "Frens", live performance still

Between NPR's 'Tiny Desk' series (which, btw isn't tiny) and that weird thing where indie musicians play acoustic guitars in the back of black cabs, live internet sessions are generally a little more low-key. Even Berlin's COLORS platform – the most visually pleasing of them all, with some eye-catching guests (check sessions from Denzel Himself and Kadiata) – features acts looking a little lonesome, performing by themselves in front of a sole microphone. It's a nice look, but very solo.

Boiler Room's new series ENERGY operates on a different level, with acts performing in a room full of people. And if the phrase 'energy crew' were to be described with one video clip, the below performance from Obongjayar is it. It's one of those ones you gotta watch all the way through.

In the session, the Nigerian by way of London musician performed new cut "Frens". A track about people coming together, you'll be certain to feel the love in the room as O and loads of his pals convene in loving, dancing communion. Look close to spot King Krule's saxophonist bringing vibes too. Turn it up!

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