So AOC, Nancy Pelosi and the Cast of 'Queer Eye' Walk into the Capitol

Yet another glorious 2019 Mad Lib come to life.
05 April 2019, 7:08am
Queer Eye meets AOC
Photo via Jonathan Van Ness / Instagram

This article originally appeared on VICE US.

Last month, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez sent the entire internet into anaphylactic shock once again when she wound up talking climate change with Bill Nye at South by Southwest. Now, it looks like the freshman congresswoman has delivered us yet another glorious 2019 Mad Lib come to life: She just gave the cast of Queer Eye a tour of the Capitol.

AOC and Queer Eye's Bobby Berk hatched the plan on Twitter a few days ago, after Berk hit her up to let her know he was in DC. "Have time... will work for democracy," he wrote. AOC told him to "swing by [her] office," and apparently, the entire Queer Eye gang took her up on the offer.

On Thursday, AOC met up with Berk, Jonathan Van Ness, Antoni Porowski, and Tan France in DC, and the footage is truly legendary. AOC took everyone on a tour of—wait, come on. Do we really have to sell you on this? What more could you possibly want?

Please, behold:

They also popped by Nancy Pelosi's office and roped the Speaker of the House and fellow meme machine into a photo shoot, too.

If only Jonathan would swing by Ted Cruz’s office and tell him to trim that beard—and, you know, quit being a supreme asshole while he’s at it.