Some British Airways Crew Members Streaked in a Singapore Hotel

They got suspended, but at least they’re not spending three months in prison.

by Lex Celera
08 July 2019, 1:59pm

Photos via Unsplash

A version of this article originally appeared on VICE ASIA.

Three British Airways cabin crew members – one woman and two men – have been suspended after playing a game of "spin the bottle" in a Singapore hotel that got a little out of hand.

After a 14-hour flight from the United Kingdom, according to a report by The Sun, the group dared each other to take their clothes off, run up and down the corridors and knock on all the hotel room doors.

An unnamed source said the trio stole alcohol from the plane to "have a good time" because alcohol is expensive in Singapore. "There were some frisky crew on this plane. There was snogging and stripping and fumbling between the crew, who were all naked," the source told the British tabloid.

The crew's partying ended after a British Airways official reported them to superiors in their main office. They’re currently at risk of losing their jobs.

Crew members, who requested anonymity, told The New Paper that sexual interactions between crew members aren’t uncommon and that inappropriate behaviour after drinking isn’t unheard of. But, they stressed, they were done discreetly and not in a public manner.

"They have done something unacceptable and illegal, and must face the consequences, even if they lose their jobs,” one of the crew members interviewed said.

Consider them lucky. If the police had got involved, the three might be facing a $2,000 (£1,600) fine and up to three months in prison, according to section 27A of Singapore’s Miscellaneous Offences (Public Order and Nuisance) Act.