The Internet is Very Angry at This Cafe’s Terrible Egg ‘Pun’

It's almost as bad as “Merry Pringles.”

by Ruby Lott-Lavigna
15 February 2018, 3:28pm

Photo via Twitter user Asher Perlman.

To survive in the food industry, you’ve got to be creative with your marketing techniques. You can opt for a controversial sign telling people to “Wok off,” or perhaps something #relatable written in chalk, reminding passers-by that “beer is the cause and solution to all of life's problems!! [badly drawn crying face emoji].”

Or, alternately, why not reel in future clients with a pun that literally makes zero sense?

This was the technique used by one American cafe that ended up infuriating huge swathes of the internet with its terrible pun, “Egg Morning!” Twitter user Asher Perlman spotted the words emblazoned on a poster earlier this week outside New York Cafe Lenwich, and shared its meaningless wordplay with the caption, “Okay I don’t always like puns but this one got me good!”

This is how we envision that marketing meeting responsible for Lenwich’s advert went down:

Marketing man 1: Eggcellent

Marketing man 2: Nah

Marketing man 1: Eggciting

Marketing man 2: Needs to be simpler

Marketing man 1: Cracking

Marketing man 2: Hold up, I got it

Twitter users soon began pointing out the sheer stupidity of the sign. “What does that even mean,” one asked, while others reminisced about previous terrible food industry “puns,” including “Have a Pretzel Day!” and the infamous “Merry Pringles.”

Have an egg day, guys.