Drake Was a Sideline Reporter at the Raptors Game Last Night

He continues to be a living meme.

by Phil Witmer
01 December 2017, 9:25am


This article originally appeared on Noisey Canada.

Drake sort of saved the Toronto Raptors. To be accurate, they legitimately became a less trash basketball team over the past four years or so but the "Cool Toronto" movement that the Boy started definitely benefitted them, what with Drake Night and him being their global ambassador and all. Last night, Drake did his first gig as a sideline reporter when the Raps took on the Charlotte Hornets at Toronto's Air Canada Centre. As expected, he turned what would have been a normal game into a smorgasbord of his signature dorky moments.

Chiefly, a video of Drake pouring Perrier water became a weird forced meme that was shared by the Raptors' official Instagram account with "One Dance" playing in the background.

He also interviewed Raptors point Kyle Lowry after the game (they won, incidentally) and Lowry told Drake that a video of him singing on Instagram inspired him to score more than 30 points. He's presumably referring to this clip of the 6 God crooning an especially silky version of "Hold On, We're Going Home," which makes sense. One needs to feel smooth to nail all those three-pointers. The charming and awkward (Drake forgets to hold the mic to Lowry at one point) Drake/Lowry interview is below.

As long as Drake is a human brand and continues to extend himself into non-musical ventures, we'll keep getting these mostly harmless, mostly funny moments, and that's fine. However, that Perrier meme's still pretty lame and can never compare to the lint rolling from all those years back.

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