Oscar Smith's Summer Solstice Mix is a Misty Morning Masterpiece

The Brudenell Groove DJ's put together an astounding addition to our Incantations series.

Jun 21 2017, 9:45am

This, the fifth instalment of our Incantations series, is a summer solstice special, cooked up by one of the biggest Balearic heads the north of England has ever known—the incomparable Oscar Smith, an esteemed member of Leeds' Brudenell Groove squad.

Oscar, as well as being one of the loveliest lads you're ever likely to meet, has the kind of record collection that'd have Moonboots himself going a tiny bit green with envy. There are people who like music, love music, and then there's people like Oscar, for whom music takes on a mystical sense of importance. And that's exactly why we've asked him to soundtrack one of the spookier days of the year.

Recorded "a few weeks ago on a sunny afternoon in my living room with a cup of tea on the go and my cat snoozin' in her mini chair," Oscar tells us that a "sunset is desirable, a clear mind essential."

Over the course of an hour and 40 minutes, Smith takes us on a journey through misty Lake District mornings, heading up pikes and across moors, through vales and meadows. The views are stunning out here in the wilderness. Join us.

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