Watch This Oddly Hypnotic Video of an Astronaut Eating Pudding in Zero Gravity

“This is going to be pudding the space way.”

by Phoebe Hurst
01 June 2017, 12:11pm

Image courtesy Jack Fischer/Twitter.

Even if your knowledge of the solar system extends to memes about Geminis and you only made it through the George Clooney bit of Gravity, it's hard not to be at least a bit mesmerised by space. The majesty of the planets! The swirly blue beauty of the Earth viewed from afar! The wonder of gazing into the star-speckled night sky and wondering whether we truly are the only ones out there!

And now, this oddly hypnotic video of an astronaut attempting to eat pudding.

Two days ago, Jack Fischer, a US astronaut currently aboard the International Space Station, uploaded a video to Twitter that showed him eating the packaged dessert in zero gravity. "This is going to be pudding the space way," he says to the camera, before squeezing the yellow substance out of a pouch onto a spoon, into what looks like a wobbly pile of mashed potato. He then leans forward and dives over the spoon, mouth first, to eat the dessert. At one point, a globule floats away and Fischer chases after it. That bit is filmed in slow-mo and unsurprisingly, is pretty trippy.

This isn't the first time Fischer has taken to Twitter to share his space eating exploits. The astronaut is known for getting creative with zero-gravity meals, and has in the past tweeted photos of floating bean and cheese tacos and coffee balls, which he calls "an astro-breakfast must."

In Tuesday's tweet, Fischer described his pudding as a "leaning tower of yumiosity."

Sure, space desserts might not stay upright, but at least they don't create any washing up.