Hear Music Played Off a Laser-Etched Tortilla

Thanks to YouTuber Rapture Records, corn-based burrito wrappers are the new vinyl.

by Nicole Walsh
08 July 2015, 9:00pm

Screencap via

An actual tortilla playing actual music? YouTube user Rapture Records has successfully turned an ordinary flour-based burrito wrapper into a playable record.

The video, which was published on Monday, shows the doughy tortilla being transformed from some boring carbs into an harmonious music source via a laser-etching machine. This machine cuts the track's grooves into the tortilla before it's placed onto the record player and given a spin. Unsurprisingly, the music produced isn't hi-fi, but it's easy enough to listen to, considering it’s a piece of bread. We just wish the music choice would have been salsa. 

Head over to Instructables to find out how to make your own tortilla album. 

Via Motherboard


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