Two Minute Timelapse Captures 75 Hours of Intense Illustration

Watch Guillaume Cornet draw Paris in seconds with Society6’s new stop-motion.

by Sami Emory
19 March 2015, 3:50pm

75 hours of Guillaume Cornet’s meticulous illustration process gets condensed down into two colorful minutes in in Society6’s new stop-motion timelapse. The video goes behind the scenes of the creation of Parisian Neighborhood, Cornet’s meticulous yet still playful reimagining of the French capital.

For 55 hours, Cornet meticulously applied a fine-tip pen to his 70cm x 50xm canvas. Afterwards, the artist screenprinted his illustration in ten limited editions, which he then colored for another 15-20 hours. As Cornet's hand speeds across the screen, fly through the streets of Paris with curious dinosaurs and observant elephants and take a glimpse into the precise inking, screen printing, and coloring process:

Browse through more of Cornet’s silly doodles and drawings on Tumblr.


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