Is Niche, Sheffield's Legendary Home of Bassline, Set to Re-Open?

Some good news. Finally. Possibly...

Nov 9 2016, 11:45am

I know, I know—it's the worst day of the year. Apart from Brexit result day. Or when Prince died. Or Bowie. Or Wogan. And, I know, I know, on days like this nothing's really going to cheer you up, nothing's really going to drag you out of the depths of despair with a smile on your face and a song in your heart. But here's something that might make you forget about the unfolding and unfurling horror for a second or two—Niche might be re-opening!

Yes, that's right, Sheffield's legendary club—the venue that was, alongside Sheridan's in Dewsbury, pivotal to the story of one of the UK's most exciting music scenes—could potentially be opening it's hallowed doors once again. And how do we know this? Well, we've got the Sheffield Star to thank. Earlier this morning, as the rest of the world was digesting the upcoming apocalypse alongside their cornflakes, they were alerting our attention to a mysterious sign seen in the city. Check it out below:

If you can't quite make out exactly what the sign's saying, it's simple: SHEFFIELD, ARE YOU READY. While this, obviously, isn't 100% concrete evidence that Niche is definitely going to open again, it does suggest that something is happening. And in a nation that sees clubs closing on a near daily basis, we'll take that.

Keep your eyes on THUMP for updates on the Niche story.

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