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Record Store Day's Been Cancelled and You Won't Believe Why...

Put it this way: it's going to be more roadworks than roadblock...

by Josh Baines
08 April 2016, 3:05pm

What's the best day of the year? Is it Christmas day? Or your birthday? Or the day you have your first proper outdoor pint of the year? No. It's none of them. Those days are all OK days, fine days, slightly better than average days. The best day? That's easy. The best day of the year is Record Store Day because Record Store Day lets you feel really smug about buying things and buying things feels great anyway so being able to combine the simple pleasures of enacting the capitalist model while getting a really cool limited edition 7" pressing of a Wombats single is obviously the best thing imaginable.

It's with a heavy heart that we have to announce that the best day of the year's been cancelled. In London at least. Sort of. FACT have just reported that the usual Soho street party that's become an RSD tradition won't be happening this year. Why's it not happening, you ask? Well, the answer's simple: roadworks!

Yep, that's right, the whole thing's off. Except it isn't. It's just the party that's not happening. As FACT state, "while much of the festivities will doubtless continue regardless, with all shops open and trading the limited editions as usual, there will be nothing by way of sanctioned live music on street level this time around."

The best day of the year's back on everyone! Let's all go absolutely wild and spend our pocket money on records we don't really want. Brilliant!

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