Here's Blondie's Video for "Long Time" - Their Collaboration with Blood Orange

The iconic band head back to the NY city streets that made them.

by Kim Taylor Bennett
20 April 2017, 8:26am

This article originally appeared on Noisey US. 

Let's just get this straight: there's never been a cooler band than Blondie. They're the perfect collision of pop and grit, dangerous and cute, melancholic and joyful, all wrapped up in a super slick, stylish package – the DNA of which can be traced and tracked in countless bands that came after them, from their inception right up to now. They came out of New York's punk scene, embraced new wave, disco-ed down, and dropped one of the first ever rap songs. Blondie rule. Debbie Harry is the bomb. Don't argue.

Almost as if to underline their hallowed position in the annals of pop history, for their forthcoming eleventh record, Pollinator, out on May 5th, they've corralled a multi-generation spanning list of top-notch contributors: Sia, Charli XCX, TV on the Radio's Dave Sitek, The Strokes' Nick Valensi, and Johnny Marr (The Smiths) all make appearances. Additionally, the LP was produced John Congleton (St. Vincent, Sigur Ros), and Shepard Fairey's done the artwork. Phewf. Oh and Dev Hynes, a.k.a. Blood Orange, co-wrote single "Long Time"—the video for which is premiering up top. Sonically it's sprinkled with the sparkle of "Heart of Glass" in the intro bars, not to mention a dash of The Strokes in the pre-chorus, and of course, because this is Blondie, the hook is gloriously anthemic.

"We've been playing the song in the show and its getting an enthusiastic response," notes guitarist and founding member Chris Stein (the band have just completed an Australian tour), adding cryptically, with reference to the film Taxi Driver, "And also 'one day a real rain will come...'"

Directed by Dikayl Rimmasch (who recently directed for Adele, not to mention shooting half of Beyoncé's Lemonade), the video sees Blondie head back to the city streets that made them –there's Debbie driving a cab, there's Clem smacking his sticks on concrete walls, and keyboardist Matt Katz-Bohen synthing it up in one of those warehouse freight elevators. As you do. 

For UK-based fans, Blondie will also be hosting a pop-up shop at London's Camden Market from 29th April through 3rd May, in anticipation of their sold-out Camden Roundhouse show on 3rd May. It'll give fans the opportunity to get their paws on exclusive merchandise, as well as one of only 1000 7-inch copies of "Tonight," a previously unheard Pollinator track co-written by Charli XCX. In case that wasn't tantalising enough, the shop will be accompanied by a photography exhibition from guitarist Chris Stein.

All of this news is pretty overwhelming, so take a lie down if you need, and then watch the video for "Long Time" above. After that, in preparation for their return, you should probably listen to their first four albums at top volume. Thank you for Blondie, thank you.