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We Spoke to an Academic Who's Spent 25 Years Researching Drugs in Clubs

Fiona Measham talks drug testing, ecstasy use and whether or not pills really were better "back in the day".
18 December 2014, 8:57pm

For over two decades, Professor Fiona Measham has been researching what we get up to in nightclubs. Measham got her first job in a nightclub when she was fifteen and by the sounds of it she's spent much of her time in them since.

As part of her research she's interviewed numerous clubbers over the years, fondly recalling several summers spent in Vauxhall's gay clubs for one of her projects. Although her family are surprisingly less interested in the many stories she has to tell of her club experiences – which you'd think would liven up the dinner table conversation. "I drive my family mad. I'm 24/7 obsessed with drugs, that's all I talk about," she admits.

The UK seems to share Measham's obsession, there has been no significant decline in illegal drug use according to surveys. Demand for ecstasy in particular has been on the up and Measham has seen an increase in the MDMA content of samples she's tested as part of her research. "Never underestimate the Great British public's voracious demand for MDMA," she says. It would seem we are a nation of perpetual pill poppers.

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