Okay, Look: It's Stormzy's First Feature on an American Track

Here's some aggressively pop music from massive US songwriter Jon Bellion featuring the UK's one and only, Mr Merky.

by Noisey Staff
10 March 2017, 12:15pm

If you don't already know Jon Bellion by name chances are you know his music. As a songwriter he penned Jason Derulo's "Trumpets" and – more importantly – the flagrantly unavoidable Rihanna and Eminem collaboration "Monster". Since then he's stepped out on his own, reaching the number 5 spot on the Billboard Chart with his debut album The Human Condition. One single from that album called "All Time Low" went double platinum and – in one of those things where record labels rerelease songs and get other acts to feature on them – has now been furnished up with a verse from Stormzy. 

Behold as Stormzy rolls through with verses about throwing iPhones away, hitting the cro', and navigating through the whirlwind of a relationship that seems to be blowing in almost every direction, mostly ending up with Stormzy face down and, as the song's title confirms, at an "All Time Low". But, like always, there's salvation buried in there somewhere too. Listen below.

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