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Laura Marling Took a Gap Yah from Music to Become a Yoga Teacher

So what other LA things did get up to while making her beautiful new album?

by Lauren O'Neill
07 March 2017, 11:55am

Laura Marling, fave of your vegetarian dad and people who list "tea" as an interest in their social media bios, will return with a brand new album, Semper Femina, on Friday 10 March. The record, Marling told The Guardian, reflects on the period of her life when she moved to LA and, uh, became a yoga instructor.

Her brief career change aged 21 (the age of the post-unay gap yah, time of self discovery and getting all necessary Being Embarrassing out of your system before you have to go into banking or consultancy – or, in Marling's case, making the great singer/songwriter album) prompts me to wonder: what else might have happened in Laura Marling's lost period? What other desperately LA things did she do?


Laura Marling almost definitely did a green juice cleanse involving a gratuitous amount of kale when she was hecka into the LA yoga scene.


Every self-respecting Gap Yah-er has a cause close to their hearts, whether it be The Foundation for Three Legged Dogs or, simply, "Africa." Did Laura hold an all-female performance art evening where everyone pretended to be chairs for her chosen charity? Who can say.


Because if your Instagram doesn't describe you as "barista/yoga instructor/actress/child of the earth *sun with face emoji*" how LA really are you?


How you gonna align your chakras if they're leaking cow's milk? Dairy is not a part of the yogic lifestyle.


I really can't talk here.

I guess the question is: how much did Laura's time in LA really affect her? Did she learn all the lessons of the Gap Yah? I guess we'll all have to listen to Semper Femina (which has received excellent reviews so far and is very beautiful) and listen out for any mentions of almond milk, matcha lattes and house plants to find out.

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