Praise the Swans, Björk Just Released 'Vulnicura' Early

Following a leak over the weekend, Björk decided to drop the highly anticipated album today.

by VICE Thump
21 January 2015, 9:40pm

Leave it to Björk to make you go holy shit!!! and G-chat all your friends not once, but two times in a month. Last week, the Icelandic pop star announced via a handwritten note that her latest and ninth studio album, Vulnicura, would arrive in March. Following a leak of the record over the weekend, she's decided to prance right ahead and drop the album today, more than a month ahead of schedule. So now, like a beautiful, healthy, and extremely premature baby, the release has arrived in our laps, ready to be cradled and cooed over for years to come. 

In a note posted on her Facebook, Björk describes Vulnicura as a "heartbreak album" that she initially worried would be too "self-indulgent." "Hopefully the songs could be a help, a crutch to others and prove how biological this process is: the wound and the healing of the wound [sic]," she writes. She also describes her collaboration with "the enchanted Arca" as "a magic thing" and "perfect timing," crediting the left-field Argentinian producer with expediting the creative process. As we previously reported, Arca produced more than two-thirds of the album, and his distinctive, dissonant touch is all over songs like "History of Touches," "Black Lake," and "Family." 

For now, Vulnicura is only available on iTunes in the UK. For the truly thirsty, you can change your geographic settings to buy it—or just wait a few hours until the US link becomes available. The CD and vinyl versions of the album are still due in March. If you're living in New York, you'd be a fool to miss her upcoming retrospective at MoMA—which recently acquired her previous album Biophilia as the first app in their permanent collection. She'll also stop by the city for several shows with Arca in March and April, along with a headlining spot at Governor's Ball in June.