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Watch Inga Copeland Run Through Her New Record as Lolina Right Now

The former Hype Williams member's Live in Paris is out right now...via Vimeo!

by THUMP Staff
29 February 2016, 10:45am

There you are, slumped at your desk already, ruing nature or the gods or the moon or whoever it is that's responsible for leap years, and the extra day of work you've got ahead of you. The granola's not going down. The coffee machine's fucked. You forgot your packed lunch and your wallet and you've got to go out for a drink later with an old mate who you don't really actually like, and because you don't have your wallet you're going to have to ask them to pay for everything and then you're going to have to Paypal them on the way home.

Come on though, cheer up me old mate! The sun's out, DJ EZ's warmed the cockles of a nation's heart and now, get this, are you can watch the new Inga Copeland album right now! Eschewing traditional methods of distribution, the former Hype Williams member has decided to blast Live in Paris into the ether via Vimeo. Check it out below:

Information is sparse at best, but because we're nice, have a tracklist:

All music written, produced and mixed by Lolina in London, and mastered by Amir Shoat.

01. Lolina (In Concert) feat. Audience
02. Live in Paris
03. Time in EU
04. Chance
05. Rage
06. Last Days Of Being A Wanker
07. Wheel Up My Tune!
08. I Am Your Ambient Wife Live
09. 2nd Chance
10. The Logic
11. Relaxx (Live)

We love leap years!

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