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Rhythm Section Duo Earth Trax X Newborn Jr's Latest 12" is Custom Built for Discerning Dancers

"Sax Track" is taken from the Polish pair's latest single on the Peckham label and it's the best sax-song since "Careless Whisper."

by Josh Baines
28 September 2016, 9:45am

Peckham's finest—Rhythm Section—are back with another 12" custom built for discerning dancers. The SE15 label have looked to Poland for inspiration again and returned to the pool hall with a ridiculously good pair of subtle low-key rollers that traverse ethereal, barely-there house territory in the best way possible.

Comprised of Baltic-Balearic-Beat legend Bartosz Kruczynski and the man normally known as Matat Professionals, Earth Trax and Newborn Jr's debut EP for the label, Sax & Flute, beams into the world on October the 14th.

Being kind souls, we've decided to let you have a listen to the A-side, "Sax Track" right now! Yes, I know, I know, the saxophone is probably the worst instrument ever invented and it's irredeemably corny and it reminds you of those soporific Saturday nights you spent as a child watching Blind Date while you stuffed yourself silly with Wotsits, but honestly, this is the best use of sax you'll have heard since "Careless Whisper." Yes, it's that good.

The Sax & Flute EP drops on Rhythm Section International on October 14th. You can order it here.

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