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Life's Really Boring So Why Not Watch All Six Minutes of In Flagranti's New Video

It's called "A Little Diversion Between The Boredom​" and maybe it'll take you away from the daily drift for a bit.
17 January 2017, 10:45am

If you thought cassette releases were just for spotty oiks from Michigan who make parent-baiting noise records because it breaks up the tedium of eating sloppy joes and jerking off, Swiss disco-agitators In Flagranti have got news for you—Swiss chuggers can do it too!

The group's latest release, Sprezzatura, consists of 30 previously unreleased tracks spread across a good old fashioned cassette tape. "Back in the early 80s when I was living in Switzerland, I use to go to Italy a lot for clubs and record shopping. In Rimini there was a great store called Disco Piu. They had this service where if you were out of town or from another country, you could sign up and receive cassettes in the post of all the new releases every week," says In Flagranti's Sasa Crnobrnja. "The new tracks were recorded for about a minute and there was a voice counting—so you could write down the tracks you liked—and then call or send a fax with the track numbers and the date of the cassette, and they'd send you the records and you'd pay on delivery, which was amazing."

The track we pinged off a fax for was "A Little Diversion Between The Boredom," and we got more than we bargained for: yes, we reeled in a world exclusive video premier! Check it out now! Now! Yes, right now!

Sprezzatura is released on April 14th by Codek Records__.